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About Us

About Us


The factory for production of natural mineral water Germina is located at the old border crossing point of the Republic of Macedonia with Greece,  

the village of Germian - Bitola. On this eco location there is a spring that abounds with high quality mineral water and natural gas.  

The quality of this water has been confirmed by an internationally recognized laboratory - A. Gunari, Volos - Greece.

For each Germina product you can find for carbonated water

and reg.No. 46-3131 for non-carbonated water issued by the Food Directorate of the Republic of Macedonia-Ministry of Health. 
ISO 22002-1 - standard for food safety, which enables the company to expand its product ranking on the EU markets.
ISO 9001: 2015- Quality Management System,
ISO 14001: 2015- Environmental Management System,
OHSAS 18001: 2008- Occupational safety and health system.

Laboratory consists of two organizational units:
1. Physico-chemical
2. Microbiological